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Participants' emotion in lucky draw fiasco

What do you feel when you decide to involve in a lucky draw but it crashes unluckily?

Game Crashes as a joke to netizens, revealing from Facebook Reacts

Hong Kong Tourism Board presented Lucky Draw for Celebration with HK$4 million in prizes on New Year’s Eve 2019. The draw took place online but errors and crashes occurred during the game period, leaving many participants unable to complete their registration and join the draw.

There were over 76,000 reactions collected from all pertinent Facebook posts. We break down the usage of reactions and found that "Haha" accounted for nearly half of all reacts. Proven by much more “Haha”(48%) than “Angry”(21%) reactions, it's suggested that internet users had anticipated the crashes. They did not put too much anger into the fiasco, but laughed off the wording mistakes, the sudden change of rules and other hiccups they encountered instead.

The poor draw arrangement amused netizens but it also obtained criticisms, primarily towards the government. Internet users are losing confidence to the government particularly IT practices.

Sources: 傑出關公災難 [LINK] 有線新聞 i-Cable News [LINK]


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