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Boycott Activity At The Night of TVB Anniversary Gala Show 2020

The Facebook Page 抵制tvb戰線 - 鍵盤救港 had called for another round of TVB boycott activities at the night of TVB 53rd Anniversary Gala. The activity was separated into 5 rounds involving 34 pages.

[Top 15 Brands ranked by number of Angry reactions]

Boosting “Angry” reaction is one of the key missions in the boycott activity. Among the named brands, HKBN ranked top, followed by 大棧 and Pampers.

[HKBN Comments Trends]

Under HKBN's Facebook Page, over 4300 boycott-related comments have been found. In fact, the attack against HKBN had already begun even before the anniversary gala as netizens were requesting HKBN to cease their partnership with TVB on the distribution of MyTvSuper. Among the 4300+ comments, there were around 1680 unique commenters. The number of comments died down drastically after 19 Nov.

On 20 Nov, the Facebook Page 抵制tvb戰線 - 鍵盤救港 [LINK] shared a suspected internal WhatsApp message of an HKBN team, in which the team described the activity as a hostile attack and encouraged their colleagues to counter-attack by giving likes.

[Reactions from Pages]

All brands have remained silent in the past few days and none of them has issued formal response towards the boycott activity. Yet a few used the following tactics trying to minimize the impact:

- Pin an old post on top.

- Publish many new posts during the weekend to pull down the existing posts.

- One of the brands even hides the page, making it invisible to the public.


1) Top 15 brands ranked by number of angry reactions: Most recent 15 posts have been studied; Data cut off: 22 Nov 15:00

2) HKBN comments trends: Boycott related comments under recent 15 posts have been studied; Data cut off: 22 Nov 13:00


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