Kolyzer – Certificate of Merit – “Best Smart Hong Kong (Open Data / Big Data Application)” – HK ICT

We are proud to announce that our SPI-Buzz system (Kolyzer – KOL Analyzer) has won the Certificate of Merit of the “Best Smart Hong Kong (Open Data / Big Data Application)” at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 Ceremony.
Kolyzer is a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) analysis system combining technology and business for social media. Kolyzer provides a cross media platform to analyse KOLs performance at a glance. It helps marketers to identify and analyse appropriate KOLs who are suitable to promote their brands, products, or campaigns based on different criteria such as categories, fan count, channels, user interactions/engagement. Detailed KOL analysis will be displayed in a few clicks. Each KOL has “influential index” showing his/her influential power on each social media platform. Kolyzer uses various criteria to analyse influential index based on fan counts, fan base, credibility, virality, engagement, and brand advocacy.
Marketers can compare different KOLs side by side and analyse KOLs previously engaged by their competitors easily. With detailed analysis, marketers can understand more about the KOLs by reviewing their performance, credibility and advocacy before brand engagement. New or uprising KOLs can have more exposure. Marketers have more selections on different types of KOLs for promotion. That can help the market to grow much more healthily and quickly.
我哋好榮幸SPL嘅社交及輿情監測系統 (Kolyzer- KOL Analyzer)喺「2017香港資訊及通訊科技獎」勇奪「最佳智慧香港 (開放數據/大數據應用) 優異證書」!

Kolyzer網紅分析系統結合科技及商業元素,提供一個跨媒體平台,一目了然地分析網絡紅人的表現。透過分析,品牌可以根據紅人類別、支持 者數量、媒體或網民互動率去發掘及分析合適的網絡紅人為品牌作推廣。只需輕輕點擊幾下,就可獲取網絡紅人的詳細分析。每位網紅的「紅人指數」亦顯示 各人在不同社交平台影響力。 網紅分析系统使用多項準則分析網紅的 影響力,包括粉絲數 量、可信性、活躍度、 傳播力、投入程度、品牌合作等等。

市場營銷人員更可比較不同的網紅,以及分析曾與競爭對手所合作過的網紅。 通過詳細分析,品牌可以在品牌參與之前檢視 KOL的表現、可信度和受擁護程度。新晉的網紅可以享有更多的品牌曝光機會。品牌亦可有更多不同類型的KOL的選擇。這可以幫助市場更正面和更快地增長。


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