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Social Media Crisis Type

With the power & impacts of social media, a nice campaign goes rival easily but the obstacles and traps for Marketers are growing bigger as well. From writing inappropriate contents for ad copies to bad arrangements of offline events, a mismatch of KOL or bad CS experience, there comes various risk level and viral speed. Preparation and a right response could make a huge difference though. Contact us to understand further!

呢個時代,要做一個成功嘅Marketer絕對唔容易,一唔小心就會跌入陷阱,醞釀一場又一場嘅公關災難。品牌對時事問題抽水抽著火水,員工亂講野post相,客服得罪客人,搞event安排混亂,用錯KOL,抽獎活動無申請牌照,寫post內容不當等等,各種問題一經social media傳開去後都會為品牌帶嚟不同程度負面影響。不過,其實各類型危機都有預早準備同化解嘅方法,歡迎聯絡我地了解更多!

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