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In regard to public activities at Shopping malls

Media engagement in 2019 were less diversified, which lead to a drop in # of engagement / shares.

Top 5 posts by shares:

[2018] “U Beauty”, “more”, “新假期JetSo”, “TOPick 新聞”, “香港蘋果日報”

[2019] “香港蘋果日報” (1 post) , and “HK 港生活” (4 posts)


Conflicts in Festival Walk on 10 Nov

Apart from requesting the mall to release CCTV, the comments changed from demanding proper explanation to boycott and hatred when comparing Nov 10 & 11 late night comments.

Top negative keywords:

  • [Nov 10 late night] "shame", "交代", "殺人", "死人", "disappointed", "封鎖"

  • [Nov 11 late night] "不了", "失望", "危險", "垃圾", "解釋"


Festival Walk Facebook Post [URL]

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